Firefighter Tools


Personal Emergency

Survival Tool


10' feet long

Knot in center makes center easily identifiable in dark

Folded up, fits in your pocket

4 point harness

Quickly and easily make a hasty seat

Dawns in less than 25 seconds

Fully adjustable to anyone's size

Drag strap


Hose strap for hydrant

Foot loop pull strap for trapped firefighter in basement

Tool strap, cylinders, irons, hose, ect....

So comfortable you can wear it all day!

Rit/Fast Teams, Safety Harness, Training Harness, Escape Harness!

Firefighting, Police, Swat, Military, Hunting Harness/Deer Drag, and Safety!

MBS 4496 lbs 20kN, stitch point 3rd party tested!



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Tool Straps

Made of tubular webbing and rated to 2400lbs. The Tool Strap can be used for carrying thermal imaging cameras, lights, axes, or even dragging a Firefighter out of a building. Omega carabineer clips on to your SCBA harness.


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Aluminum Hinge Wedge

Door wedge fits over the hinge, on top of the door closest to the door frame, or on the bottom of the door. Will last forever! Attached to your gear with a spring clip.


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 "Drag-U-Safe Pro Kit" 

 Made of heavy duty tubular webbing, integrated handles, three carabineers. Rated at 2400lbs

Functions: Drag a victim to safety, haul cylinders, short search line, aids in carrying tools, a hose strap. Includes snap strap to fold up and hold unit together!


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Tool Pockets

10" x 10" (Closed) tool pouch has six pockets for tools, tape, webbing, all the essentials. The full around Velcro closure prevents any of your items from falling out. Easily fits in any of your gear pockets. Handle allows for quick access from the pocket


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Roll Out Tool Pouch

16" wide x 13" high with five pockets in various sizes 6" to 1", ideal for wire cutters, snips, pens, window punches, webbing ect...


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Belt Tool Pouch

8.5" X 6" Heavy Army Cotton Duck Tool Pouch has a 6" Velcro Strap on the back to attach to any belt or pant take up straps. Keep your wire cutters, punches, scissors, ect... on your side ready to go. Front drops down 2" making for easy access to tools.


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Tool Bags

All purpose Tool Bags - Small 7" X 7" X 12" and Large 12" X 12" X 18. Made of 22 oz. red rip stop vinyl. Includes Velcro and snap closure to keep your tools secure. Also included is a fully adjustable shoulder strap that is detachable. Bag is square to easily accommodate space in all rigs.

Regular bag $42.95

 Large bag 49.95

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Medical Fly Bag



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Little Jack Hi Rise Extension

Tool Bag

The Little Jack is 15" L X 10" W X 12" H. Made of 22 oz Rip Stop Vinyl with a grommeted bottom.

Includes two handles for multiple

carry positions along with an optional removable shoulder strap for a one person carry.


Bag only $45.50

Bag and Shoulder Strap $63.50

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Drag-U-Safe Kit

7.5' of 1" tubular webbing with handles on each end. Handles are rated at 2400lbs. Can be used to drag a victim to safety or as a utility piece of webbing.


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ICAN Water Can Harness

A harness for any water can or cylinder. Includes shoulder strap for easy carrying and 3M Triple Trim to easily locate in the dark.


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The Can Harness

 Features single strap Velcro lock closures, removable shoulder strap, 3M reflective trim, side handle for hand carrying, top secure strap so harness and can stay together. The Can Harness is also mede of heavy duty 2" seatbelt webbing.


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High Visibility Roof Bag

50' or 100' Utility Line

The Roof Bag (Includes 6700lb Carabineer) holds up to 50' or 100' of 8mm NFPA 4000lb Static Kernmantle. Great for Truck Companies! The bag easily attaches to your gear so that it will not interfere with your assent to the roof. Once on the roof simply remove the rope from the bag and begin your operations.

$18.00 - 50' Bag Only / $48.00 with Rope

$20.00 - 100' Bag Only $78.00 with Rope

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Webbing Packs

Life rated webbing with loops in the ends that can be used as search lines or utility lines.

24'/$14.50 - 35'/$20.00 - 45'/$23.00

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Hose Helper

The Heavy Duty Hose Strap allows a firefighter the support the back end of a 2 1/2 inch or 3 inch hose, especially when you are running short crews. Also, use it to help pull your attack lines to the front door.


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Fast Slingk

The FAST SLINGK is a multi-purpose tool  made of 4200 lb TECH Tape webbing. Functions include: Harness, Drag a victim to safety, haul cylinders, short search line, aids in carrying tools, a supply line hydrant strap, door breach control, and more. The yellow loop has a eight foot circumference with the red and blue 4 feet each. Stretched out end to end is 8 feet! Minimum Tensile Strength 4200 lb. Includes Belt/Pocket Bag and NFPA Carabineer

Harness is created by placing the red and blue loops through a leg each while the yellow loop goes around the body like a hula hoop and pulled towards the front and up.



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Channel Lock Tool Pouch

Made of doubled heavy poly pro webbing with a snap closure for easy access! Your Channel Lock Tool fits easily inside and is easy to access! Includes a heavy duty Velcro belt loop for attachment!



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Cylinder Carriers

As opposed to a firefighter just carrying two cylinders, he or she can now carry four.

The webbing strap is made of heavy tubular webbing, resilient to all types of weather. The rabbit ears easily go over any cylinder head. The handle is integrated into the webbing.


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Storage & Hauling Straps

Storage straps for electrical cord or hose. Includes a handle for carrying, D-Ring to hang, and cinches tight to any size.


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HalAx Strap

This unique design secures the ax head and halligan end so the strap stays taught. Carry over your shoulder or tighten strap to carry at thigh level


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Iron Sling

The Iron Sling has a heavy duty secure attachment point at the ax head with a loop wrap at the other end making removal and attachment quick. Includes a quick release shoulder strap that can be hand carried or shoulder carried.


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Marrying Strap or Marrying Strap with Handle

A new style of Marrying Strap based on suggestions from firefighters. This new design includes rubber strips to prevent slipping up and down the tools. Also included is a 1 inch webbing pull loop to make removal of the Marrying Strap easy. Purchase with or without handle. Fits all tools!

$11.99 or $14.99

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Hose Straps

Can Be used for highrise packs, extra hose lays, ect.. Made of heavy 2" webbing - secures just like a duty escape belt. Available by circumference.

16" - $6.00

24"- $8.00

32" -$10.50

40" -$13.50

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Pocket Tool Grab

 SAVE YOUR POCKETS from needless hole repair and store all of your tools in one easy to access convinient tool grab! Tool Grab has seven individual pockets plus one large 7" X 8" pocket for larger items such as rope or webbing. The Tool Grab easily fits in any bunker pocket or can snap over any belt. Included is a grab loop that hangs outside of the pocket for easy access when in need.



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K - Extinguisher Bag

New  K Style Extinguisher Bag is made from 1000 Denier Nylon. Includes a handle, adjustable shoulder carrying strap, and closes with a cinch cord lock.


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Sewn Webbing Loops
Sewn Webbing Loops are made from 1 life rated tubular box stitched webbing for strength. Loops have many uses including anchors, hasty harnesses, litter rigging, etc. Loops are sold by the foot. Please note: a twelve foot piece of webbing becomes 6 feet once sewn! Circumference will remain 12 feet! MTS on Stitching and webbing is 5000 lb.

$ .72 a foot
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