The 10'  Kevlar  Tether keeps you attached to your partner while engaged in search and rescue operations. As opposed to staying on top of your partner, the Tether allows you to move more freely while still in arms reach of you partner. Having the opportunity to move more freely speeds up search time, ultimately giving you the ability to cover a larger area.

10'- $19.99

15' - $23.99

20' - 28.99

25' - $34.99

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Nozzle Covers

Nozzle Covers prevent the non RIT/FAST operations from taking the dedicated line! It is critical that the teams tools be readily available when the team is called. The RIT/FAST Cover is easily identifiable, labeled RIT/FAST with 3M Triple TrimTM, and sized to fit all nozzles! Available in many colors.


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Web Pouch Search Kit

Made of Heavy Army Duck, the 9 x 5.5 search pouch has a 6 inch Velcro belt loop on back allowing it to attach it to any SCBA harness or belt. The Web Pouch contains 24' of one inch life rated tubular webbing with 8 inch handles on each end.

 13.99 Bag Only

$23.99 Bag and Webbing

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Large Area Team Search Kit

The Large Area Team Search Kit is made of heavy 10oz. Cotton Duck for wear and durability. Will hold up to 300' of 6.8 mm RIT 900 search line or 200' of 9mm RIT Response search line. Two 5" X 10" pockets are built in on each side to hold tools.  2" heavy shoulder strap that that adjusts from 33" to 68" with a quick release buckle and two quick attach 2" scissor clips. are also included. Sewn into the bottom of the bag is a tie off loop to keep the bag and the rope together when you have depleted your line.\


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RIT Staging Mat 

5' X 10'

Included is a 3' X 5" (Green) section that holds 8 cylinders. The balance 5' X 7' area leaves you plenty of room for all of your RIT tools.


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RIT/FAST Team Cylinder Covers

 Make it easy to identify your designated RIT/FAST Team at the scene of a fire.  Simply loosen the cylinder clip, place the cover over the cylinder and tighten the clip again. There is no chance to become hung up on any obstructions and you have full access to all of your valve on/off knobs and pressure readings. Fits like a glove!

Made of Nomex with 3M Reflective Letters!

Cylinders less than 20" $29.00

Cylinders Greater than 20" $32.00

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Amulti-purpose tool made of 4200 lb TECH Tape webbing. The yellow loop has a eight foot circumference with the red and blue 4 feet each. Stretched out end to end is 8 feet! Purchase by itself, with a NFPA Biner and/or Bag

Functions include:

Fast Harness: The red and blue loops are placed around each leg while the yellow loop is placed around the body and pulled up to the front of the face. The legs and torso are supported to lower a victim to safety.

Drag Strap, Haul Cylinders, Search Tether, Door Breach Control, Supply Hydrant Strap, Truck Company Tool, MVA Operations

$18.00 - Slink Only

$27.00 - Slink & Bag

$39.00 Slink, Bag, & NFPA Biner

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Made from heavy cotton duck. The Fast Bag Basic holds cylinders up to 23 in circumference. A cinch top closure secures around the valve for easy access to the on and off control. Included are two 7 x 11 side bellows pockets to hold basic tools. The bottom of the bag is reinforced with a webbing drag plate to prevent snags when being dragged. Also included is a fully adjustable detachable shoulder strap and drag strap to carry or drag the FAST Bag. Contained in lower portion of the bag is a compartment for a pre-rigged mask and additional hoses which can easily be accessed with the quick rip flap. All access points such as pockets and mask rip flap are identified with 3M reflective trim.


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Cylinder/Arm Bands

Our new RIT/FAST/RIC Identity Bands are made of 6.8oz Nomex with 3M 2" reflective letters and Triple Trim. They attach using a Nomex elastic strap with snaps for easy on and off. The Identity Bands are made to withstand heat and abuse!


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RIT/FAST Team Cylinder Wraps

SCBA Cylinder Wraps fits securely over any SCBA yet easily removed when changing cylinders or assignments.  They DO NOT interfere with normal operations of the SCBA. Made to fit all brand and size SCBA's.

Made of Nomex, 3M Reflective Letters & Triple Trim

One Size fits all - "RIT" or "FAST"

$33.99 Red. Orange, Blue, Yellow, or Black Available

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NY Search Bag

Made of Rip Stop Vinyl, Holds 200' of 8mm or 350' of 6.8mm RIT 900. D-ring on the inside of the bag secures the rope to the bag while an additional D-ring on the top holds the anchor point carabineer in the ready position. A double flap top keeps your rope in place at all times. Included is a heavy duty fully adjustable 2" shoulder strap.


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Made of 10.10 Heavy Cotton Army Duck. Fits any size cylinder. Cylinder is secured with an adjustable strap on the inside of the bag. Includes two 9" x 6" x 2" bellow pockets for tools, hose, and or rope, one 18" x 6" x 2 pocket that can hold 200' of 6.8 mm RIT 900 search line, and two additional pockets up front for hose lines. Above the cylinder is a quick access compartment that  accommodates a mask, regulator and or hose for quick connections. The FAST Bag can be shoulder carried or pulled along the ground with the front loop. Also included are two carabineer strap loops built into the top of the bag.  Color - Black w/ Lime Triple Trim


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